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Our business was first established in 1992 as "Objective Asset Management Ltd" by ex-employees of Kleinwort Benson (led by the firm's present directors). We specialised then, as now, in the implementation of derivative-based strategies tailored to control risk and cost in institutional portfolios.


In 1999 the business was taken over by First Quadrant Ltd, a subsidiary of the US-based First Quadrant group who wished to employ the team's skill and experience in the execution of its actively-managed TAA strategies. In 2002/03 Philip Ainsworth purchased the equity in First Quadrant Ltd and the business of the company was returned to the implementation services previously offered by the team. The Company was then renamed Objective Completion Limited, to reflect both the earlier identity of the business and the nature of its work.


Most of the firm's work involves overlays using futures, swaps and currency forwards, although we also run some physical equity indexed assets plus some sizeable cash portfolios backing the derivative positions. Our work ranges in nature from relatively straightforward currency hedging to quite complex portable alpha implementation, as can be seen from the other pages on our web site.


Our managed positions at present total approximately GBP 1.5 billion. That figure has largely been built up since late 2003, although an element survives from the pre-First Quadrant days (with one loyal brief having run continuously since 1994).

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